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Rob van Oene, director of Mifa

Sustainability in aluminium: Mifa is an innovative leader

The ongoing discourse centers on the sustainability of aluminium, owing to its substantial energy demands for production. Nevertheless, aluminium boasts a long lifespan and maintains its recyclability at an impressive 95% after use. Aluminium demands minimal upkeep, yet, at Mifa we take it a step further. Together with the company Blue Engineering, we developed a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool. This tool calculates emissions and demonstrates the positive impact of co-engineering in reducing the carbon footprint, during the production of aluminium precision extrusion profiles.


Our goal is to go beyond what customers expect from us. In a world of ongoing changes and innovation, Mifa tries to be ahead. We do this by offering unique solutions through co-engineering and thin-walled profiles. These solutions bring about savings in both material consumption and weight, ultimately leading to reduced costs over the product’s lifetime.

Most importantly, our co-engineering approach means we closely partner with our clients. We make sure we fully understand their needs and requirements, to be able to work together and find new, innovative solutions. This collaborative effort allows us to create sustainable answers that come with various benefits.

One of the key advantages of using thin-walled profiles is the reduced need for materials. This not only cuts down on production expenses, but also has a positive impact on lowering CO2 emissions.

Light-weight materials

Mifa excels in crafting precision extrusion profiles, from aluminium to magnesium. Leveraging our profound expertise and vast experience, we achieve the remarkable capability of crafting intricate profiles with thin walls and intricate geometries, all while maintaining an extraordinary size tolerance of up to +/- 0.02 mm. This unparalleled precision grants our clients unparalleled creative liberty, unshackled by conventional constraints.

Beyond the realm of design flexibility, our lightweight thin-walled profiles deliver substantial advantages. These advantages include reduced fuel consumption during product transportation, optimized material usage in production, concluding in both cost efficiency and a commendable step towards a more sustainable world.

Frank Loobeek

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