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Mifa heads towards sustainable expansion

Mifa specializes in the precision extrusion of aluminium profiles, and we have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, closely aligned with the needs of our customers. We can achieve this growth by investing in advanced technologies. Our new factory will enable us to expand our capabilities in surface treatments through the construction of a new production line.

We proudly share our strong commitment to sustainability. The development of our new surface treatment production line will be realized through the construction of a modern facility equipped with advanced water purification. By implementing water pumps and other innovative technologies, we aim to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. Additionally, we are actively exploring the feasibility of utilizing excess heat generated in various production units to improve our overall energy efficiency.

This strategic investment is closely connected to the changing needs of our customers and the dynamic growth of our target markets, including the industry, aerospace, and mobility sectors. Through the precision extrusion of our customers’ aluminium profiles and the application of surface treatments, we not only meet these evolving needs but also contribute to a smaller ecological footprint.

At Mifa, we recognize that sustainability and growth are the cornerstones of our future endeavors, and these principles are highly valued within our organization. As a united team, we actively shape our path forward.

Mifa is part of Aalberts

Our growth and values align with the mission and vision of Aalberts. Aalberts is where technology matters, and real progress can be made, whether in people, finances, or the environment. At Aalberts, we create mission-critical technologies for groundbreaking industries and everyday life.

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