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For small quantities of extrusion, preheated billets of aluminum or magnesium are pressed through a die. The costs of such an extrusion die are relatively low. As a result, precision extrusion can quickly pay off even for small series, especially in smaller production runs. You start with a ready-made profile instead of block material, saving a significant amount of processing time and costs.

Flexible quantities

You can already benefit from the advantages of precision extrusion with a batch size as small as 10 kg. The die costs for profiles are relatively low and can pay for themselves even with small series. We understand that when working on prototypes, it is not desirable to be burdened with large order commitments.

Our efficient extrusion process results in cost advantages compared to many other production methods. Manufacturing a die is relatively simple and affordable. Machining costs for the production of aluminium extrusion profiles are lower compared to other metals. Furthermore, the extrusion process offers great versatility, allowing for a wide range of profile shapes.

Sustainability at Mifa

Sustainability at Mifa means delivering and producing all our business activities responsibly. In doing so, Mifa takes into account factors such as energy consumption, waste management, vitality, safety, and employee health.

The environment is of utmost importance at Mifa. As a leading aluminum extrusion company, we strive to continuously reduce our ecological footprint. To minimize this footprint, we collaborate with our colleagues to create an innovative and sustainable working environment.

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