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Precision extrusion contributes to energy-efficient lighting technology from ETAP

ETAP Lighting (Malle, Belgium) represents people-friendly, sustainable lighting. The company succeeds in creating visual comfort through lighting for people in a work environment. ETAP reduces energy consumption to an absolute minimum. ETAP develops complete lighting solutions and also produces light fittings in-house. Through constant innovation - thanks to the R&D budget, which is approximately 6 to 7% of the company's turnover - ETAP has gained a leading position within the European lighting market. ETAP is active in eleven countries and employs approximately five hundred people.

Etap office

LED & Aluminium

A technical and economic revolution has been underway in LED lighting over recent years. LED lighting is increasingly being used as a replacement for conventional light sources. LED technology is environmentally-friendly and therefore much more energy-efficient. It also offers a longer lifespan and a greater output. Conventional light sources (incandescent light bulbs, energy-saving light bulbs, halogen lamps, fluorescent tube lighting, etc.) dissipate their heat by means of radiation. By contrast, LED lighting has to dissipate its heat by means of conduction. Aluminium offers very good thermal conductivity. In addition, aluminium is easy to extrude, resulting in great freedom of design and allowing multiple functions in a single intelligent profile form. Naturally, a connection was soon made with Mifa.


ETAP & Mifa

For a new LED application model, the so-called 'D3 Downlight LED,' ETAP designers had developed an extrusion profile purely on the basis of their functional needs (see drawing). Functions: housing with optimally-calculated heat dissipation within the permitted overall dimensions. This concept was the rough working idea. We love a challenge at Mifa, but it was impossible to develop a mould construction that was stable enough to press this profile. In order to bring the 'D3 Downlight LED' project to a successful conclusion, co-engineering was necessary to bring function and manufacturability into balance at the lowest costs. After a joint technical fine-tuning process, a compromise was found in a new profile. Extra functions were also added: screw holes for installation and ribbed cooling fins for extra cooling surface area.


D3 Downlight LED Impressie  D3 Downlight LED Impressie  Etap D3 Downlight LED Impressie

Wonderful cooperation between ETAP & Mifa

The cooperation and expertise of ETAP in the field of lighting and that of Mifa in the field of precision extrusion led to smart solutions contributing to optimum, efficient lighting results in the 'D3 Downlight LED.' Mifa was involved from the design phase onwards, right up to and including the development of the prototype and the series production.

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