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Mifa providing an all-in package to NedTrain

Dutch Railways (NS) is refurbishing its VIRM-2/3 double-decker trains. At NS Treinmodernisering (the NS train modernization facility) in Haarlem (known to MIFA as NedTrain), the company is hard at work refurbishing the famous NS double-decker trains. Together, the double-decker trains represent 242 carriages and 24,500 seats. For this project, Mifa will produce and deliver 8,350 KITS for floor profiles. We will extrude, machine-process (CNC), bend, engrave, and apply surface treatment these floor profiles in-house.

The project: refurbishing the train carriages

NedTrain will refurbish the existing double-decker trains. This means that the entire train carriage will be stripped clean and rebuilt from the ground up. Mifa will provide the floor profiles. These floor profiles will predominantly be beneaththe floor and will either not be visible or only partially visible.

The refurbishing activities will be performed in fourteen different workstations. When a train carriage is brought to NedTrain, it is transferred to a new workstation every two days. Each workstation is responsible for performing a different task. During the first stage, the train carriages are mostly emptied out and stripped clean. During later stages they are rebuilt and refurbished. After the train has been to all fourteen workstations, the train will have been completely refurbished and can be brought back into service. 


Mifa Aluminium wins European tender thanks to vertical integration

This project is a European tender, which means that all companies in Europe are able to submit an offer for the public-domain tender. Mifa was one of the companies to submit an offer and is proud to announce that it has signed the contract with NedTrain. NedTrain's decision to select Mifa was based on a number of factors including:

Vertical integration

Mifa is the perfect partner for NedTrain because, as stated above, our in-house facilities have all the relevant technologies to deliver these products. This meant that NedTrain did not need to source a different partner for each treatment or technology. Mifa has its own in-house departments for each technology, including surface treatment and machining as examples. 

Part of Aalberts

In addition to Mifa’s in-house technologies, other factors showed the added value of working with our company. One factor for NedTrain's decision to choose Mifa was because we are part of the listed company Aalberts. Like Mifa, Aalberts also signed a contract, meaning that NedTrain gained another secure partner.

If you would like to learn more about what we can offer, then click here to contact one of our sales employees! 

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