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Mifa in 1975

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Together with our colleagues, we develop more than 12,000 precision profiles and complete components for more than 1,000 customers every year!  Via our podcasts you can listen to the stories yourself.

45 years of Mifa: cooperation leads to beautiful results and stories

The best results often come from collaboration. In our world of extrusion, it is of course no different. Good cooperation with customers and suppliers leads to the best profiles! 

The cooperation with Adex Dies is a very special one. Why? Listen to our podcast with Rob van Oene (Managing Director of Mifa) and Rob Sijben (Marketing and sales director Adex) and discover the special and powerful bond between Adex and Mifa!

More than 45 years Mifa - colleagues Jan Zegers and Hans van Elven speaking (in Dutch)

Mifa celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2020. Our colleagues Jan and Hans have been working at Mifa almost from the beginning. Together they have worked on beautiful projects and visited several international clients. In this podcast they will tell which projects have stayed with them the most and what makes Mifa so unique!

The birth of Mifa - founder Jan Aalberts speaking (in Dutch)

Jan Aalberts founded Mifa 45 years ago. Aluminium precision extrusion was so unknown in the market at the time that one year after that Mifa was almost bankrupt. But: what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And that was certainly also the case at Mifa. With the 'perform better every day' mentality, Mifa developed into a total supplier of profiles and components for various markets. Listen here to how Mr Aalberts made Mifa and the listed company Aalberts a success.

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