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Materialica Design + Technology Gold Award 2013

With her contribution "The Proof" Mifa won the Materialica Design + Technology Award. Materialica is one of the world’s largest trade fairs for lightweight design for new mobility.
Every ounce counts!

Approximately 1 on 15 people in Europe need mobility tools to help them move around. The weight and convenience of these tools play a crucial role in their daily basic activities. The breakthrough in magnesium technology leads to a new generation of lightweight mobility products that are more comfortable and reduced in weight at least 35%. This also provides short-term possibilities for sport bikes, cars, aircraft and portable electronics.

Magnesium has the future
Magnesium is a very light material with good material properties for construction. Mifa joined forces with three other companies and tackeled the three major challenges for magnesium construction – corrosion, fire risks and distortion. Together they developed and produced a magnesium wheelchair - 35% lighter than a traditional aluminium wheelchair - for gold medalist wheelchair tennis Sharon Walraven, called “The Proof". This season Sharon Walraven already reached several finals - and even won a few- with this wheelchair.

For more information and a short film about "The Proof" see


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