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Mifa extrusion aluminium

A close look at Mifa's extrusion process: from mould to profile to assembly

The extrusion of a profile starts on-site at Mifa, where we sit down with the client at the drawing board, the client's expertise and Mifa's extrusion expertise complement each other to achieve an optimal design.

Mifa then uses that design as the main consideration to get the most out of the product, for example by saving weight, reducing costs, or selecting a specific aluminium alloy. All these choices depend on the design of the profile.

Mifa's engineers will then work to translate the design of that complex profile into a mould, which is the mould we use to extrude the profile.

Finishing operations, surface treatments, and assembly often still take place after the actual extrusion. These are all steps in Mifa's in-house extrusion process. This gives us control over our processes and the quality.

Extrusion specifications for the most accurate profiles

Our technology gives you a huge amount of freedom of design. The precision offered by Mifa means that designers can truly let their imagination run wild at their drawing tables. The unprecedented options offer a world of freedom. Designers don't need to make any concessions when designing aluminium extrusion profiles. At the drawing table, they have no need to worry about restrictions or standards. This freedom of form produces excellent end results.

Our technology, knowledge, and experience enables us to produce highly complex profiles shaped into the most complex shapes or to custom specifications up to an accuracy of 0.02 mm. Precision extrusion is a perfect alternative to machining.

Experience it for yourself. Experience precision, experience the Mifa standard.


from ± 0.02 mm
10 x better dimensional tolerances and 3x better form tolerances that the extrusion standard NEN-EN 12020 



from 0.25 mm



from 0.003 kg/meter - 10 kg /meter



from Ø 3 mm to Ø 180 mm / 220 x 60 mm



from Ra 0.3 in the extrusion direction
from Ra 0.5 in transverse direction



from 10 kg per order


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We like to let you experience the possibilities of Mifa precision extrusion! 

precision extrusion 


precision extrusion


Would you like to receive more information about the extrusion process or our specifications? Fill in the contact form. You can also always call Mifa employees on the number: +31 (0) 77-389 88 88.

We would like to let you experience the possibilities of Mifa precision extrusion!

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