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In the last few days we have received an increasing number of inquiries about possible effects of the corona virus COVID-19 outbreak on our production and supply of our products.

We have an emergency plan and protocol in place, which includes rules of conduct for our employees and visitors, such as increased attention to hygiene rules and avoidance of crowds. This protocol is regularly updated as the situation changes.

Mifa is open as normal and still able to produce and supply. Our supply of raw materials is not endangered and we have sufficient stock levels thanks to our proactive purchasing policy and have our dedicated staff available to work on your orders. Therefore, we do not foresee any problems at this moment. Please keep us updated on changes at your facility so we can manage the deliveries in the best possible manner.

Of course, the effects the corona virus will have in the coming weeks are speculative. Should something change in our situation we will inform you accordingly and we will ensure that our communication with you can be maintained all the times by our colleagues from the Sales Department.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.

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