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Mifa: 40 years old in 2015

Jan Aalberts founded Mifa in 1975, forty years ago. Back then, aluminium precision extrusion was so little known within the market that Mifa almost went out of business a year later. However, as the saying goes, 'what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,' and that was certainly the case for Mifa. With the mentality ‘perform better every day,' Mifa grew step by step.

Perform better every day

Today, forty years down the line, we can look back and say that we have made the business a success. Every day, with our 220 people, we perform even better than the day before. Consequently, we not only know all about precision extrusion, but we also offer our clients total solutions, such as aluminium and magnesium alloys, surface treatments, and machining.

Mifa’s unrivalled possibilities

We are enormously proud of what we do at Mifa. Each year we develop 12,000 unique precision profiles for 944 clients. Thanks to our unrivalled possibilities, together with our clients we can develop special profiles that add something extra to the product. We extrude ten times more precisely than the NEN-EN 12020-2 standard. We are everything but standard.

Our knowledge = your knowledge

We want to acquire more knowledge each day. Multiply that by forty years and that makes 14,600 days on which we have learned something. We have collated our knowledge in white papers that will be published on our website throughout this anniversary year. The information in the white papers will allow you to make innovative improvements to your profile. We have white papers on matters including: precision extrusion, surface techniques, materials, machining, and magnesium technology.

Celebrating 40 years in business

In September 2015, our company will be exactly 40 years old. And we want to celebrate this with you! We will be organizing special anniversary Master Classes for structural engineers. We will send you further information on this in the near future.

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