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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Robotization only for large series production runs?

Mifa specializes in the extrusion of extremely accurate and complex profiles. Mifa often gets involved at an early stage in order to develop an optimum profile together with the client. Our extrusion presses allow us to extrude client-specific profiles for client-specific designs and client-specific volumes. We offer the service of progressing through the product life cycle together with the client:

• Prototypes;

• small-scale series production runs;

• full series production quantities.

Mifa also carries out supplementary machining work on the products. Within the machining department, there is a high degree of automation: many machines are loaded robotically. Generally speaking, people tend to think only of projects with enormous quantities of identical products when they think of an automated production process. Mifa in fact applies the automation philosophy in order to produce products flexibly, reproducibly, and in the best possible quality, from prototype to a whole series production run. Robotization is therefore definitely worthwhile for smaller series runs!

Aluminium extrusion for aerospace components

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