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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Create the optimum aluminium or magnesium profile

Because of the Mifa precision, designers are able to ‘do their own thing’. On the drawing board they can virtually dispense with limitations or standard specifications as a result of which they have an enormous amount of design freedom and can create the optimum profile.

Mifa can support the design process, thereby contributing to an optimized end product that offers both functionality and reproducibility.

Read the ETAP case for more inspiration: For a new LED application model, the so-called 'D3 Downlight LED,' ETAP designers had developed an extrusion profile purely on the basis of their functional needs. Functions: housing with optimally-calculated heat dissipation within the permitted overall dimensions. This concept was the rough working idea. We love a challenge at Mifa, but it was impossible to develop a mould construction that was stable enough to press this profile. Are you curious about the results of the cooperation between ETAP and Mifa? Read more!

Aluminium extrusion for aerospace components

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