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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Aluminium extrusion profiles

Mifa specialises in producing extruded aluminium profiles. Extruded aluminium profiles are used in many different industries and in many different products. Mifa is able to extrude profiles 10 times more precise than the extrusion standard. We can meet tolerances up to ± 0,02 mm. 

That level of precision when it comes to aluminium extrusion profiles means unprecedented possibilities and gives designers enormous freedom in design, without the restrictions of standard specifications. As a result of this it is possible to achieve the best possible aluminium extrusion profile.

Aluminium extrusion profiles of Mifa

Design: Aluminium extrusion profiles: how do we work?

Your own extrusion profile designs are more than welcome to us. Whether it’s a extrusion profile, component or product, we deliver according to your wishes and demands. But if you want to benefit of our level of expertise, please involve our engineers at the earliest stage.

The experience and expertise of our engineers results in more efficient, high-quality and refined aluminium extrusion profiles, components or products, which can be produced with lower costs.

Do you have a challenging design or question? Please Contact us.

Advantages of co-engineering a extrusion profile

  • Take advantage of our knowledge and know-how about extrusion profiles;
  • We have experience in various markets, from the aviation industry to medical and automotive;
  • Achieve the optimal result for your aluminium extrusion profiles;
  • A more refined extrusion profile or component;
  • Single party responsibility.

Co-engineering by Mifa

Flexible quantities – From prototyping to serial production

Another unique capability of Mifa is that small volumes of aluminium extrusion profiles can be ordered. Starting from 10 kg per batch for prototyping. But we are also able to produce extrusion profiles or components in serial production. 

Mifa has been investing in robotization since 2008. All our robot lines are fully designed and equipped by Mifa's R&D department.

The robot lines provide us with valuable data to refine our processes. Machines become self-correcting and automatically signal when a part needs to be replaced. All of this helps to reduce the minimum error rate. We think that in the near future customers’ ERP systems are linked to Mifa's ERP system. Then we automatically know when customers need a new extrusion profile and the production can start immediately. Watch the video below to get an idea of how Mifa produces extrusion profiles.

Mifa: The leading supplier of aluminium extrusion profiles

Mifa is happy to take on the responsibility for the entire process when developing and producing aluminium extrusion profiles, components and products. Thanks to our combination of precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment and assembly, we can reduce production time of the extrusion profiles and components. Because we produce the whole component or the extrusion profile, we also assume responsibility for the components we deliver. We have already supplied thousands of customers such as Airbus, GE, Philips, ASML and many others.

Experience it for yourself. Experience precision, experience Mifa

Mifa is part of Aalberts

Mifa is part of the stocklisted company Aalberts. Since the inception in 1975, Aalberts is where technology matters and real progress can be made. Just like Mifa, all Aalberts companies stand their ground in the engineering and technology world. We work with 16,000 employees in 50 countries. Aalberts has approximately 70 business locations and 80 service locations all around the world.

Contact us for your extrusion profiles 

We would very much like you to experience our precision when it comes to aluminium extrusion profiles. Please contact us and one of our Sales Engineers will contact you soon.

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