cutting edge extrusion technology

for the aerospace industry

Luchtvaart extrusie profielen

Bending and processing aluminium profiles for the aerospace industry

Mifa prefers to deliver a complete component to the aerospace industry. So besides precision extrusion, machining, and surface treatment, we also perform other processes in house, such as assembling, bending, brushing, belt grinding, sealing, soldering, welding, and masking. With our knowledge and experience, we know how to apply the right technology for each aerospace product, using processes that are all available in house. We assume full responsibility for your components, which is something that is appreciated by our aerospace customers such as Diehl, B/E, Thales, and EADS.

Component supplier for the aerospace industry

Mifa is happy to take on the responsibility for the entire process when developing and producing aluminium and magnesium components. Our technology, knowledge, and experience enable us to produce highly complex profiles made of aluminium, magnesium, and other materials for the aerospace industry, to an accuracy of ±0.02 mm. Thanks to our combination of precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment, and assembly, we can reduce total production time, which is certainly essential for the aerospace industry. Since we produce the whole component, we also assume responsibility for the components we deliver. We have already supplied customers in the aerospace industry such as Airbus, Stelia, FACC, and Liebherr.

Precision extrusion for the aerospace industry

EN-755-9 and EN-12020-2 are the accepted norms for the extrusion of aluminium profiles. They permit deviations of ±0.15 mm or more. Mifa ignores these norms and applies precision extrusion to an accuracy of 0.02 mm and final processing such as surface treatment and assembly. This is unique in the aerospace industry! It provides countless possibilities for extrusion profiles and aerospace components.