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Picanol weaving machines (looms)


Mifa has supplied parts for the Picanol mechanical weaving machines (looms) for many years. Together, this producer of high-end weaving machines and Mifa are developing innovative solutions to make even better and cheaper weaving machines.

Picanol weaving machines

Picanol develops, produces, and sells high-tech weaving machines. Around 2,600 weaving mills all over the world use the Picanol machines, amounting to approximately 175,000 weaving machines in total. The demand for weaving machines is still increasing at a rapid pace. Picanol produces thousands of new machines every year.

Picanol works with suppliers who can be trusted blindly in terms of delivery times, quality, and support. For this reason, Mifa is a logical choice of supplier for Picanol. Lieven Vroman, Sourcing Team Leader at Picanol, explains: 'We chose Mifa because of their technological expertise. In order to stay ahead in the market, we are always looking for the most recent technological developments. This is why we work with high-quality suppliers, such as Mifa, who help us to move forward in every field.'

Picanol has been a Mifa customer for years thanks to Mifa's one-stop-shop principle and the technology that Mifa has to offer. Mifa produces an essential part of the machines, namely the profiles in which the grippers move.

One-stop-shop at Mifa

Picanol was looking for a partner of the same technological level, or if possible of an even higher level in order to ensure maximum support when developing its products. For instance, the relatively complex product that Mifa offers in its entirety. This way, the customer feels secure and there is no dependence on third parties. Mifa provides the customer with a single point of contact.

Picanol makes two types of machines: airjet (air) weaving machines and rapier (gripper) weaving machines. Mifa supplies the parts for both types of machines. Precision is essential for weaving machines. In an appliance that makes several thousand movements a minute, it is especially important to fine-tune all the separate parts. Any small deviation can bring the entire machine to a standstill.

Mifa makes the moveable sleys. This is an essential component of the mechanics of the rapier weaving machines. The sleys hold the grippers that transport the thread from one side to the other. The grippers are continuously pushed towards each other and glide in the profiles that Mifa makes. The grippers have to move smoothly due to the high speed at which the machine operates. The straightness and torsion have to satisfy high demands, and this is right up Mifa's street.

For Picanol, the one-stop-shop process works as follows:

  • Extrusion
  • Machining of the parts
  • Inserting threads
  • Wear-resistant coating

The advantages of wear-resistant coating

The surface layer applied by Picanol is a nickel layer. The biggest advantage is that the layer is very hard and wear-resistant, which is an essential property of a product that has to endure rapid sliding movements thousands of times per minute. The expertise gained from years of surface treatment means Mifa can always recommend the right layer.

Mifa has the in-house expertise and technology to produce this coating for Picanol.

Developing innovative solutions together

In order to offer the customer the best experience of their product, Picanol is developing new technology for its weaving machines. In this process, Mifa is a logical partner for Picanol. Joining forces to make the best product and listening to the customer are second nature for Mifa. 'You grow and learn throughout the process, and the end result is a remarkably beautiful product for your customer,’ says This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., sales manager at Mifa. 'We only make products that we support 100% and this allows us to offer the quality that we're known for.'

The big advantage of innovating with Mifa is that tests can be run at an early stage, because Mifa can start testing with small quantities. For Picanol, it's handy to be able to have another party taking an active role in the process, contributing ideas and assistance from prototype to series.

Providing the best quality together

Picanol puts its trust in Mifa's quality, and the two companies are continuing their close partnership in 2018 with the aim of providing the best quality. The three most important reasons to choose Mifa are:

  1. A one-stop-shop - From extrusion to coating, everything is taken care of by Mifa. Mifa delivers a finished product and is not dependent on other suppliers.
  2. Innovative together - Mifa knows Picanol's products and demands through and through. By brainstorming and developing new solutions together, a truly valuable customer-relationship can be created.
  3. The possibility of acquiring small quantities - This makes the development and testing of innovations easier.

'Picanol and Mifa have been working on new developments together for years, and this has created a relationship of trust. We consider the punctuality of delivery and trustworthiness very important in the development of even better products. We see these qualities in Mifa,’ says Lieven Vroman, Sourcing Team Leader at Picanol.

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If you are curious as to what the one-stop-shop principle could mean for you, we would be happy to tell you more, with no obligations on your part. Contact us by using our contact form or by calling on +31 (0)77-389 88 88.

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